Life & Love | Our First Photoshoot

*disclaimer these are not engagement pics lol!*

What happens when you win an awesome couples photography session? Pure amazingness. I actually entered a giveaway Brittany Martorella was hosting on a whim and with no expectation of winning. I followed her on Facebook a while ago because her shots are amazing, natural, and very in the moment. A few weeks later, I got an email saying I won!! It was honestly perfect timing because we’re on our way to our 2-year anniversary mark. (so crazy!)

We drove up to the Pine Mountain overlook at sunset – so pretty. This was hands down the most fun shoot I’ve ever done. She had prompt cards of ridiculous and fun things to do. (ex. swing your partner around like a dead body which is how we got the right above pic) It honestly felt like a game that captured our real interactions with each other. Not the typical stand and smile, cheesy, kiss, hold me shoots you see plastered everywhere.

It’s a beautiful thing when someone captures real moments in a picture to keep forever. There are SO many pictures I could post but I’ll just link Brittany’s page with all of them HERE for you to go check them out yourself. I can’t thank her enough for these – we love them! I’m sure I’ll be reusing these soon but I couldn’t wait to share them!!

Hmmm, maybe even a how we met or relationship post will be in the works?? <3

 Photographer: Brittany Martorella

Website: brittanymartorella.com
Location: Dowdell Knob | Pine Mountain, GA

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