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If I could describe to you how much I love experiencing different cultures meant to me I think I would fall short. Since I was a young girl, I loved observing people who were different from me and I would find myself talking to them and wanting to learn more and more. That is why when we found out that we would be eating at a family’s home in a small town in Spain I was probably the most excited I’d been the entire trip (which is a lot)!

The class separated into three different groups with three different ladies. We had the pleasure of Maria and Jose being our “host” family. They were probably in their early 70’s. Jose was a ball of happiness and almost instantly held my heart, Maria was a little more reserved but kind. We asked them a little bit about themselves. Jose and Maria had been married for 53 years, had 2 daughters, and a granddaughter and grandson. They cooked for us as a couple and I found that to be so romantic. We had ensalada (salad), sopa de lentejas (lentil soup), some kind of pork marinated in gravy with patatas (potatoes), and a crumb cake with cafe con leche. It was all amazing!!

I probably could have stayed there all day learning more and more about this couple but sadly our time was cut short. I think if I had to give a suggestion for future study abroads I would recommend more of these kinds of visits. This visit reminded me of how much I yearn to experience and immerse myself in different cultures, how much I love exploring and adventuring.

To Jose and Maria:

If there were anyway I could take you up on your offer to come back and visit believe me I would. I send you lots of happiness in your lives. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. One day I hope to be as happy and giving as you both are. 


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  1. This was my favorite field trip as well! How often does someone get to experience something like that? It was awesome to meet a local family and experience their culture first hand. The food was delicious as well!

  2. The Olive Oil trip was one of my favorite simply because of the woman who's home we had dinner with, Dolores. She was extremely inviting and an amazing cook on top of that. Not only was the food delicious but the experience was once and a lifetime. I will cherish that memory for quite sometime.

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