Field Trip: Tour in Madrid

Wow! My first day in Spain was definitely crazy busy, packed, and exhausting..and all worth it! We hopped off of the plane at 8am in Spain after a 10-hour flight and went to the hotel. To our new found knowledge, we couldn’t check in until around 3 so that meant time for adventuring (my favorite thing to do).
Honestly, I’m not sure how I managed to be a night owl for two weeks. I’m used to early night and early mornings. I think it was the excitement and disbelief that I was actually in Spain. On our first day, we went on our tour of the city of Madrid. (I’ll include pictures at the end of this blog.)
A few observations I made on the tour was that the city was actually similar to the Philadelphia. The architecture had both modern as well as cultural or Moorish influences. I actually expected the entire city to be very typical and all Spanish influenced but I was wrong! We learned about different building throughout the city, some were old and some were new.
Everyone was on the go and knew where they were going; there were people everywhere! Something I noticed is that everyone has a good sense of style here! I love it! I’m not going to lie in Columbus well-dressed people, specifically men, are few and far between so it was definitely a stroll through my Pinterest boards.

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