A Letter to My Older Sister

To my older sister:

Okay so let me write this without publicly silent crying.

Thank you for being my longest and best friend. From dancing to Spice Girls in our front yard to the times we stuffed our faces with Nutella and anything delicious insight to binge watch Vampire Diaries until 5 am or deliriously laughing at 1 am for no reason.

There have been times that I wanted to probably kill you whether it was for you sneaking into my closet or just for your sassy and blunt ways. Even during the times, I thought I wanted to shave your head in your sleep or ignore you for being mean to me, I know I can’t ever stay mad at you for longer than an hour. You are one of the closest people to me and God knew what he was doing making you my big sister.

You are and have always been my role model and someone who has always given me the strength to face my fears. We’ve been inseparable for 21 years of our lives and it’s almost time to part ways. In a few weeks, you will be leaving to chase your own dreams and me my own. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the woman you are today. You’re the smart and brave one which compliments my goofy and creative. And let’s be honest, you know I don’t want you to leave because who the heck am I going to annoy when you leave? Who’s going to show me the new moves they learned in dance class?

I’m sure it won’t be easy and I’ll probably go into your room to find it empty but I know that you’ll be happy doing something you love. I know one thing for sure, expect random phone calls, trips to visit you, and annoying texts because even though we’ll be in different places you’ll still be my longest and best friend.

P.S I’d be lying if I told you my eyes didn’t water at least 5 times during this.

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