5 Things to Look for in a Guy Taught by Advertisement and Promotional Strategies

Okay before you question my sources for relationship advice let me give you the back story. My best friend and I were studying for Advertising and Promotional Strategies exam when the topic of credibility came up; it had 5 components. 5 of which perfectly describe general things we look for in our partner.

1. Attractive

Let’s start with the more superficial and scientific answer: attractive. But wait– I’m not only physically attractive. You need to be attracted to their personality, looks, and practically everything about them. Relating it back to advertisements, consumers really have to like the look and feel in order to be attracted.


2. Trustworthiness

You CANNOT have a healthy relationship with a person whether it be friendship, marriage, or anything really without trust. I could probably write an entire another post on reasons why trust is one of the most important components of a relationship. Love is built on trust. I have a theory that the reason some people have a hard time in relationships is that they cannot get themselves to trust someone. Once you do, the rest comes easy.


3. Likability

You gotta like ’em right? I actually wrote a blog post more than a year ago on The Checklist: 10 Things to Look for in a Guy and on that list I included likable. I explained that you should really look for someone who has a friendly personality and draws people in with their honest persona.  And no, nice guys don’t finish last.


4. Similarity

This one was maybe the hardest for me to define because in my relationship we are polar opposites. (as far as interests and backgrounds go) But here’s the key: we both know how to be goofy and mesh well when we are together. You have to have a sense of similar lifestyles from going to the gym to even bumming in pjs all day watching the entire season of Vampire Diaries.

5. Expertise

 I’m pulling from my old blog post again but seriously nothing is more attractive than a man who has goals and wants to become better for himself.  A guy who is avidly working towards bettering himself and learning more every step of the way is the kind of guy I want. Whether it be getting the job he set out for, maxing out at the gym finally, or even as simple as making an A on the exam he spent studying for. Someone who never settled for complacency and always wants to move forward. Now that’s impressive.

So if I have a few things to thank college for it would be the education, friendships, and hidden relationship advice you can find in your textbooks if you just look.


 Thank you college.

Alex Marie

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