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Before I start let me just say that I know my banner says I’m makeup savvy, which some consider being true but I’m not dependent on it. Every day I go on Instagram I see numerous comments on celebrities pictures saying that they wish they looked like them, I see posts of people putting so much makeup on their faces to the point they become unrecognizable, I see so much insecurity. I just wanted to be real for a little bit.

  • Don’t compare your beauty to someone else’s, you can only be you and you might as well embrace it.
  • Don’t put so much makeup on your face to the point it becomes unrecognizable. Your face shape is yours and it’s special. You don’t need high cheekbones, a defined jaw, and overdrawn lip shapes to be beautiful.
  • Don’t body shame yourself because you see someone who has the “perfect body.”
I know those are all Don’ts but:
  • Do embrace your imperfections, they’re what make you imperfectly perfect.
  • Do use makeup, if you want to, to accentuate your natural beauty. Even when going out or nice events, if you want to go all out with makeup do it but don’t make it a habit.
  • Do love your body shape but make sure to be considered medically healthy by eating fruits and veggies as well as being active in the gym or whatever you do in your free time.
Be yourself, love yourself, and take care of yourself.

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