New York and Philly state of mind

ROAD TRIP! The weekend of January 16, I went to Philly and New York for the first time! Why? My sister had an interview in Philly for their physician’s assistant program..and we road tripped it. First destination Rockland County, NY. That’s right, all 16 hours. 6 hours into the drive, jerkiness commenced. Ding, the engine light came on. Great..we stopped at the nearest Auto Zone to make sure everything was alright. They told us that there was something wrong with the engine coil, of course, we had to find a mechanic and get this issue resolved. About 3 miles up the road a Meineke car shop was there. We had no choice but to leave it there until they ran a diagnostic and called us with results. It was the perfect spot. There was a hotel, car shop, auto parts shop, enterprise car rentals, and Dunkin Donuts all within the same area walking distance. We lucked out; we had 45 minutes to kill so Dunkin Donuts was it. Guess what? It was their grand opening that day! We got free coffee, sunglasses, and 50 cent donuts!!! (Picture up top)

 We were super excited! We the car got fixed within 45 minutes and back on the road we were. Fast forward to destination #1, we arrived approx. at 1030ish but we were all too exhausted so, naturally, we fell asleep. This was my first time in NY, so my expectations were at an all-time high. Our first mini destination was Hillsong Church, I fell in love with their church. It was such a good experience and such a great church! J If ever move or decide to go back, I will definitely give the church another visit. After church, we took on Times Square, food trucks, and shopping.

Max Brenner’s for chocolate heaven dinner? Of course!! Our day in NYC was over. (ignore the typo..S’mores**)


The next day we were off to Philly. Let me say, Philly was beautiful! The architecture was flawless, you could just visualize the time eras.

We went to a market there with a ton of restaurants, then we walked through town. There were 7000 people protest for MLK day that we witnessed..and had to walk through. After that, we went to the museum in Philly. I love museums! Parking was a mess everywhere we went to, that was the only downside to this trip. Evening time rolled around, we went ice skating and then ate Philly cheese steaks

Our last day of vacation was over, the next day my sister was going to interview and then we drove back. Needless to say, it was a super fun mini vacation and we did a lot for the little time we were there! I loved the culture, liveliness, styles, and just the atmosphere of both Philly and NY. (the stereotypes aren’t true, the people were generally very nice and not rude, hahaha!) I can’t wait to make my way up north again!!!

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