30 DAY HIATUS – Is Omran Safe? ONE case of 10.8 million Syrian refugees….

I’m writing to shed light and awareness about the brutal world Syrian people and especially the children are living in. I’m sure most of you have seen a video circulating of Omran – the tagline “This is Omran. He’s alive. We wanted you to know.” The video shows Omran, his brother and parents being pulled from the debris of their destroyed family home in Aleppo. Omran, blood…

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UFC 201: My Fight Night Experience

I grew up with a Dad who used to be a boxer in the army. AKA we grew up watching boxing, UFC, MMA and all of that good stuff. Since I was in college, I would try to find tickets to a UFC fight to surprise my Dad but they were always in Las Vegas – until this year. It was in Atlanta..an hour and…

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5 Tips When Starting Your First Corporate Job

So guys, I haven’t announced it on my blog yet but I have a career! Well…the start of one. I’m sure more of my blogs will be tailored or influenced by my work life. Also, that’s my cube up there. ^^^  I somehow (kidding kidding, hard work pays off) landed a job in one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for and a company on the Forbes…

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Renewing Your Passion While Abroad

Going abroad may seem nerve-wracking, exciting, and just a mix of emotions. This was my first time out of the States (excluding Puerto Rico). Since I was 12, Spain was my number one bucket list item. Two weeks wasn’t enough but I can say that it was worthwhile. I came in with no expectations other than adventure..and that’s what I got. Being away from family,…

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Life | Meeting Jose and Maria

If I could describe to you how much I love experiencing different cultures meant to me I think I would fall short. Since I was a young girl, I loved observing people who were different from me and I would find myself talking to them and wanting to learn more and more. That is why when we found out that we would be eating at…

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Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Welcome to my blog - I'm just a girl on her journey to happy, healthy and stylish living who hopes to inspire people along the way.

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  • by alexmariesantos 3 weeks ago
    Let’s go raid some tombs
  • by alexmariesantos 3 weeks ago
    With the holidays around the corner, that means it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards, invites, and all the cozy paper goods that come with this time of year. When Basic Invite reached out to me about their holiday cards and invitations, I was excited to partner with them because they have tons of designs and their website is super user friendly (plus they have tons of options for colors, paper, envelopes, etc.). Link in bio for my blog post that talks about my experience holiday card making with them plus a promo code! Also, please swipe to help
  • by alexmariesantos 1 week ago
    I was craving some fall comfort food so I hit up the grocery store a few weeks ago to veganize this cozy fall dish. I didn’t make a YouTube video this time but I did share my recipe on my blog for the vegan “beef” stew for y’all, link in bio!  #vegan 
  • by alexmariesantos 2 weeks ago
    Happy world  #vegan  day about two and half years ago I decided to slowly but surely change my diet and lifestyle and I’ve been happier since. (I mean come on look at that little face)
  • by alexmariesantos 2 weeks ago
    I’m feeling pretty inspired this week. We had an amazing offsite event building our brand and marketing brains, collaborating cross functionally, and eating  @iam_mali  ‘s delicious food (10/10 ). All while sitting in a recording studio where so many talented artists create(d) music (Drake, Usher, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Jean Simmons, Lenny Kravitz, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, etc.) P.S I’m also sitting in the spot where Whitney Houston recorded some of her music.
  • by alexmariesantos 1 day ago
     #ad  When you’re running late and hear that America runs on  @dunkin  plus they have a new vegan friendly (ask for no egg and cheese) beyond sausage breakfast biscuit, ya gotta make a stop  #hbtdunkinbeyond   #dnknxbynd 

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