Health | How I Cleared up Hormonal Acne + My [Almost] Natural Skin Care Regimen

If you haven’t noticed, this month’s blog posts theme is all about creating your own “Glow-Up” year and improving your diet, skin, and ultimately yourself. If you want to read about what caused this all of a sudden hormonal acne flare-ups, the back story is at the end and a little personal and TMI but I would recommend you, ladies, to read it since it…

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Recipes | 4 Bean Chunky Chili (Must Try, Meat Lovers Approved!!)


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Recipes | The Perfect Vegan Lemon Loaf/Cake

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Health | Why I Changed My Diet & 5 Tips on Changing Your Diet

If you haven’t realized through my social media posts and stories, I’ve been changing my diet to exclude meat, dairy, and processed foods. Pretty much a plant-based diet. Since many of you have asked, I wanted to share with you why and some tips on how I’ve made the switch thus far. *Let me precursor that I’m not 100% plant-based/vegan yet.* I began making the…

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Style | Off the Shoulder Tassel Dress

It’s been a while since my last style post so yesterday I decided to pull something out of my suitcase, bring my camera, and Brandon to take some pictures to share with you guys. If you saw on my IG, I mentioned that I will be announcing my next vacay that is coming in t-minus 21 days! SO excited. As promised..I’m bringing this fun and…

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Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

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