Life | Taking Care of You

I’ve always been the kind of person to put everyone else before myself which oftentimes has left me hurt and exhausted. Anyone else? Well – towards the end of 2017, I had an epiphany moment. If you don’t take care of yourself and make yourself a priority, who will? This spawned off a lot of other thoughts… I need to do this, fix this, focus…

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Style | Surplice Bell Sleeved White top + Frayed Denim

— SHOP THIS LOOK — Totally love this look! Delicate, feminine, and springy. 🙂 I decided to keep this look light with the white top, light washed denim, light teal drop earrings and a taupe wedge sandal. Check it out below!…

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Health | My Eating Philosophy: Intuitive Eating

Disclaimer: I want to caveat that if your particular goal is weight/fat loss or you’re on doctor recommended diet then that’s different and this post may not be for you, I’m looking to maintain my current weight and continue to burn fat. Let me just jump in and say I don’t count macros, calories, or follow a specific diet (other than no animal products). I…

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Recipe | Vegan Chocolate Walnut Brownie


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Style | Striped, Backless Jumpsuit

  Okay, guys, I think this may be favorite style post. I actually found this striped jumpsuit at TJ Maxx (#Maxinista) and I immediately fell in love. This is actually the first jumpsuit in my wardrobe – I’m more of a practical dresser so normally I avoid rompers and one pieces but this was way too cute to pass up. I couldn’t find an exact…

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Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Welcome to my blog - I'm just a girl on her journey to happy, healthy and stylish living who hopes to inspire people along the way.

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Cert Clean Beauty Awards


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