Beauty & Style | CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards

This is the 4th annual Clean Beauty Awards hosted by CertClean that celebrates high-quality and high-performance products, created with the healthiest ingredients, from around the world. Yay clean beauty!! Its goal is to celebrate the power of the clean, or “free from” beauty movement and they use an impressive group of judges. Somehow me being looped in as one of them – I am super…

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Health & Style | Green/Clean Beauty Products to Buy First + Downloadable Checklist

HAPPY 2019 EVERYONE! I’m so glad you’re here because you’re interested in green beauty. 🙂 I wanted to make an intro post with a downloadable checklist of products you’d want for a versatile makeup look without having to buy over 20 products. I started slow – I first purchased a foundation, mascara, and lipstick then I added products slowly until I built an arsenal of green/clean…

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Recipes | Chunky Chocolate Banana Nut Bread


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Life & Love | We’re Going Long Distance

Hey guys! You voted on my insta-poll that I post more Life + Style in the coming weeks so here we are – Life + Love. Well, the title of this post gives it away so I’m just gonna say it – Brandon and I are going to be long distance for a little while and I’m not gonna lie it’s a little scary for me. *cue…

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Life | Travel Tips + Itinerary for Tulum, Mexico

I recently returned from my 5 night and 6-day vacation to Tulum, Mexico a small town an hour and a half south of Cancun. I chose Tulum because it’s really vegan and vegetarian-friendly, beachy, and has soo many opportunities for outdoor adventuring. On top of that, we wanted a more relaxing and not as jam-packed vacation abroad like our last. I actually got both flight…

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Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Welcome to my blog - I'm just a girl on her journey to happy, healthy and stylish living who hopes to inspire people along the way.

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  • by alexmariesantos 3 days ago
    Happy friends, let’s get ittttt ✨ When I first saw this pic the first two things I noticed were my tan line and baby hairs and didn’t want to post it but this is me so here you go.
  • by alexmariesantos 1 week ago
    Top of the morning to ya who says camp food has to be basic?
  • by alexmariesantos 4 days ago
    Happy 29th birthday to this guy Okay, but what?! He’s going to be 30 next year and that just feels and sounds so grown to me. You’re the most loyal and hardworking person I know, so proud of you. Love you! P.S Thanks for being my muse and letting me practice shoot you
  • by alexmariesantos 1 week ago
    Welcome to my fridge: Camp Edition If you’re wondering what the heck a plant based person eats while camping well this is it. I have some ready to eat meals, some prepped meals (in the cooler), liquid IV, coffee, tea, veggies dogs, and all the snacks.
  • by alexmariesantos 1 week ago
    Take a stroll down memory lane with me bc today we celebrate 5 years These five years have gone by super fast. Some things that have helped us despite being long distance the majority of the time and in our relationship are: ⠀ • Trust each other and communicate regularly. Something I used to struggle with a lot early in our relationship was bottling things up and never talking about it. Now I talk about it which has been great for our relationship (and wonder if he’s tired of it yet ) ⠀ • Make the effort. I think this
  • by alexmariesantos 2 days ago
    Morning! Quarantine hobby: macrame. I made dis I actually found this piece of drift wood on a walk and knew it’d be perfect in my space.

Cert Clean Beauty Awards

Cert Clean Beauty Awards


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