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Wooo! The wedding planning has commenced. One of the fun things about wedding planning is picking your wedding party and telling them <3 This is the biggest day of your life and you want to be surrounded by people who are important and special to you. I’ve always been a gift giver it’s one of the ways I show someone I appreciate them so I wanted these to be special as well.

My rule of thumb was to include something bridesmaids themed, something to drink, something beauty related, something self-care. I wanted the full box to be relaxing and self-care items. Items you’ll need + hyperlinked the things I got online:

  1. Boxes
  2. Shredded Paper – check your local Dollar Tree; Places like Michael’s seriously overcharges these.
  3. Ribbon
  4. Organza Bags – check your local Dollar Tree
  5. Heart Tags
  6. Bridesmaids Cards
  7. Bath Salts – Snagged a large container from Marshall’s actually.
  8. Cute Glass Containers
  9. Bridesmaids Sleep Mask
  10. Jelly Eye Masks
  11. DW Fall Candles
  12. Essie Nail Polishes
  13. All Good Chapstick 
  14. Organic Tea of your choice
  15. Baby Eucalyptus – Publix

Everyone loved these and I was super excited to gift them. 🙂 I got my 6/6 yes’s. If you want to see the video version of how to make these hit up my IG @alexmariesantos


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