Beauty & Health | 2020 CertClean Beauty Awards – Category Eye Shadow

Woohoo! My second year judging of hopefully many more – this one is a little launching a little later on my part. Many of you know, I live for supporting products that are high quality and clean. This is the 5th annual Clean Beauty Awards hosted by CertClean that celebrates high-quality and high-performance products, created with the healthiest ingredients, from around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power of the clean, or “free-from” beauty movement and they use an impressive group of judges.

I love partnering and working with these folks, they’re purpose and mission makes me proud to be a part of such an amazing and meaningful beauty award event. The CertClean’s Clean Beauty awards judged over 370 products from all over in skincare, makeup, lotions, etc. My grouping: eye shadow. I received a box full of goodies filled with a selection of natural and clean eye shadows *drools*! If you remember, last year I review skincare but since my skin/hormones literally went CRAZY from stress and hormones (enter: adult acne) – I chose to switch things up and do the makeup category.

Brands → Product

MarieNatie CosmeticsPressed Eye Shadow
100% PureFruit Pigmented Rose Gold Eye Shadow palette
Adorn CosmeticsLoose Mineral eye shadow
ElevéEye Shadow Palette
MisMack Clean CosmeticsArt Shadows

We were given a grading criteria of how it performed, does the product do what it says it’d do, the ease of uses/directions, the overall user experience (smell, texture, greasiness, residue, absorption, staying power, etc.) and would we recommend this to others.

Stay tuned for my reviews. 😉 Make sure to follow @certclean on IG to get the latest details on the winners.

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  1. erotik says:

    Un buen blog! Voy a marcar unos pocos de estos .. Elsie Fredek Joselow

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