Quick Note: Passion

No fancy header for this post, just me simply writing a quick note to each of you. I had a re-revelation – that’s totally not a word but just go with it. Many of you know that I’m passionate about blogging but sometimes (sadly..) it gets put on the back burner because of “more” pressing responsibilities.
As I was sitting at work, I took a minute to brainstorm what my next blog post would be. My initial thought was to talk about an observation I’ve made about our generation. Then decided against it… But for some reason – a thought crossed my mind repeatedly. I want to serve as a light in peoples’ lives to inspire and motivate people to reach their dreams and full potential. (And I feel like my blog is a platform for that.)
Later on in the day, I decided to watch my favorite blogger Sazan’s new video. Some may say this is a coincidence but her entire video was about how she started her blogging journey and how she wants to be a light in her followers’ lives and inspire them………practically the EXACT same thing I said to myself a few hours prior. Crazy right?? It felt like confirmation from God – He was telling me to pour more time into not only my blog but my other passions as well.
This has been a month of awakening in pretty much all aspects of my life – spiritually, physically, and in my relationships with friends and family. As this year ends and a new year is around the corner, I’m determined to spend more of my time doing things I’m passionate about. I encourage each of you to think about your true passions and how you can spend a little time each day practicing them whether that’s fitness, photography, spending time with loved ones, sports…etc.

Now go spend time on your passions. 😉

Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving!

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