5 Tips When Starting Your First Corporate Job

So guys, I haven’t announced it on my blog yet but I have a career! Well…the start of one. I’m sure more of my blogs will be tailored or influenced by my work life. Also, that’s my cube up there. ^^^

 I somehow (kidding kidding, hard work pays off) landed a job in one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for and a company on the Forbes Global 2000 list right here in my hometown. (My parents are happy about the hometown part) It’s actually the best case scenario, I’m in a two-year rotational program where I get to experience and work on projects in four different divisions within marketing and at the end of it, I get to pick where I want to stay if there’s an opening. I truly feel blessed. NO MORE JOB SEARCHING, HALLELUJAH!
I know I’m a major newbie still but here are a few things I can say after my first few weeks:
1.  It’s normal to be nervous on your first day but just be yourself no matter what. They hired you because they like you. Experience is important but people want to work with people who are themselves, make the days go by a little quicker, get work done, and fun to be around.

2. Age is not a factor. I’m probably the youngest person on my entire floor. If you can imagine a toddler learning to walk in a corporate office..that’s me. (Well except for the interns who leave in August) No one really looks at you like you’re inexperienced because you were hired for a reason. Of course, you can still say ma’am/sir because if that’s instilled in you then do it. BUT the workplace is an equal opportunity place. I’m not sure if that links with the 100 best companies to work for particularly but that’s what I’ve noticed.

3. Ask and see if you can go to a meeting that doesn’t pertain to your particular field. It shows that you’re interested and you can get a broader view of how different projects are coming along and expands your knowledge. Plus it’s a great way to network and make new work friends.J

4. Asking questions is encouraged and shows interest. You’re new, especially if you’re a recent grad and 21-22 year old like me. They understand that you still have to learn what they do. Companies are all different. Plus, each has their own language, set of acronyms, and work culture. Ask away!


5. You’re going to feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose and that’s totally normal. You go to school for 4-6 years, study about your field, get a job then get thrown into a whole new world. You really have to learn how what you’ve studied in college applies to the company you work for; it’s actually pretty awesome. Trust me guys, what you’re learning in college isn’t in vain..okay well maybe that chemistry class or gymnastics class may not help you in the real world but your other ones will. J

So my friends, never stop learning and prosper.


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