5 Reasons Why Going to a Smaller University Can Be Better

As graduation approaches (May 14!!) and my college journey comes to an end, I can say that I have truly loved my college experience. I went to a college in my hometown where I was born and raised. Trust me, I had all of the expectations to move out and start a life somewhere new. Nonetheless, I decided not to because of my acceptance into the Servant Leadership program (I’ll explain what that is later).

My university has roughly a little over 8,000 students.

Quick background: I majored in marketing (CSU is AACSB accredited) with a social media marketing certificate and a minor in communication…AKA my four years here were busy!

5 reasons why going to a smaller university can be better (no specific order):

1. Opportunities/Involvement

I have experienced so many things in my undergrad years all thanks to my university. I have built my resume through being a part of organizations, having attended so many conferences, and volunteering. For example, I have represented CSU at Georgia’s capital or when I went to New Orleans for an American Marketing Association conference. I’ve also had the opportunity in one of my communication courses to work with the Mayor’s office to create a video for diversity.

2. Relationships

Since it is a smaller university you get to build relationships with peers and your professors. Class sizes vary but in a normal major specific course, there are about 30 students. You really get that one on one help if you need it and most professors have an open door policy, and if not you can always set up a time to meet them. Trust me, this really helps when you’re taking accounting or finance. When building these relationships, you are also building your network for post-graduation.

3. Financially easier

In Georgia, they offer HOPE scholarships, PELL grants, and so many other scholarships. At CSU there are also honors scholarships and servant leadership scholarships. I’m actually getting my degree with ZERO debt!

4. Servant Leadership Program

Okay, so I could probably write an entire novel as to why servant leadership programs are probably the best thing in the world. I’ll just post the overview definition from the CSU website:

Servant Leadership at CSU is a comprehensive program committed to developing future leaders who practice the servant leadership philosophy. Participants are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through exciting and innovative leadership classes, hands-on modeling of leadership practices, participation in community service projects, and much more. Scholarship members of the program are competitively selected and awarded a $1,250 stipend each semester for successful completion of the program requirements.”

My experience with the servant leadership program has been one of self-development, growth, building relationships and giving back. I’ve met so many influential people and have had experiences of a lifetime. It’s really a family. I always thank this program for developing me into the person I am today.

5. Small town/interconnectedness

One of the things I have to accredit to Columbus is their interconnectedness. I work on campus and take classes on campus so I kind of see what goes on behind the scenes. Everything in Columbus is connected from the big name corporations like AFLAC or WC Bradley to Columbus State University to the nonprofits in the area. Columbus isn’t just a city, it’s a community supporting each other based on Servant Leadership.

After four years, I can say that deciding to achieve a degree from CSU was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by my university to write this! haha


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