A Letter to My Future Self


Dear Future Me,

You’re probably sitting in your office making phone calls and getting important business done but just put down the phone for a few minutes and hear me out. I just wanted to write you a quick letter. I’m not sure the hardships, joys, friendships, and other life events you will face but never settle, never stop creating new goals and enjoy yourself. Life is meant to be a journey, it’s not meant to be spent living the same boring day continuously. We all know fairy tales aren’t real but realize you control your future and where your destination lands you.

Here are a few things that may help you remember or keep you on track. Grow your passions, find new ones, and never quit being passionate. Continue helping people regardless of time, the smallest gesture could mean something significant to someone else. Realize you are your own obstacle, there’s nothing you can’t do if you try hard enough and set your mind to it. If you’re not happy with something in your life, fix it. Really and truly just continue being you, don’t conform to others around you just because it’s the “norm.” There is nothing more inspiring than loving and being yourself.

Just because you’ve aged (hopefully like JLo! ..kinda kidding) doesn’t mean you have to lose your spark along the way. Be fun, be silly, and never take life too seriously. Also, travel, travel, travel for work, for friends, for personal time. But make sure you have a home, somewhere to go back to. Trust me, I know you and you may love exploring and adventure but you’re also one heck of a good Netflix and chiller and love family life.

One last thing before I go, make sure you grow your spiritual life. A strong spiritual relationship is what will get you through all of the hardships and joys you will face with strength and perseverance.

Now go live your life with lots of love and passion.

-Your Future Self

(the real letter)


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