New Series: Workout Wednesdays

 I decided to start to start a new series on my blog called Workout Wednesdays! I’m thinking of posting to the series bi-weekly. I am not certified in personal training or nutrition; all of information I’ve learned is through hours of research and my own experience so keep that in mind. Since today is the first day of this series, I thought I should begin with my personal stats and a basic info section as an introduction. (Like how often, what, where, etc) I’ll post my workouts and fitness related posts!

My Stats: You can skip over this part if you want, but I’m sure some people are curious. I’m 5’5″..and a half. I weigh in between 120-123, it fluctuates. BMI is around 19-20 and BF% was around 19 the last time I checked. I imagine and hope that it’s lowered some since I’ve been more active.

                     July ’14    July ’15    
Bust               35              35
Waist            24.5              24
Hips               35               37
Arms               9                10
 Leg              21.5              22
   Calf              13.5             13.5
                                          (in inches)
How Often: Okay, now let’s get down to business. First of all, I go to the gym at my school. It’s huge and has everything I need (plus we’re paying for it with tuition, so might as well take advantage of it). I try to work out every day except for Sundays (rest day) unless I want to. And honestly, some Saturdays I can’t find time to to workout because I’m either with friends or going somewhere, etc. Let’s say I workout on average an hour and half every time I go to the gym, sometimes I go longer, sometimes shorter. On average I work out at least 7-8 hours a week.
Daily Breakdown:
Monday: Cardio and Abs
Tuesday: Fitness Class (zumba, yoga, bootcamp, etc.)
Wednesday: Leg Day
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Back
Saturday: Full Body
Sunday: Rest Day
Daily Nutrition:
I don’t follow a strict diet. On a normal day, I’ll eat eggs and yogurt for breakfast, chicken with a side for lunch, and whatever my mom or I decided to cook for dinner. I take a multi-vitamin every day, eat balanced, and try to make healthy eating decisions. I eat three meals a day, and small snacks in between each (like carrots, granola bars, fruits, etc.) I do not drink sodas at all and avoid carbonated beverages at all costs. I’m not a health nut though, I allow myself cheesecake every now and then or enjoy yummy meals when eating out with friends. 😉
Next Workout Wednesday post will be all about my Leg Day routine, and I may even post it next Wednesday for you guys.

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