10 things I look for in a Guy

Let me start out by saying I do not remember who wrote the blog post that inspired me to do the same. I’ve been meaning to make this blog post for a really long time now, I read a blog a while ago where a lady made a list of things that she wanted in a man, future husband, etc. I wanted to follow in her footsteps and create my own. I’m not the type of person to make a checklist, and I’m not a high maintenance girl whatsoever. Really laid back actually. With that being said I believe this would be a wonderful idea, for both girls and guys.
I’ve always dated the wrong guys; I’m not saying that I regret it because through those experiences I learned more about what I want in a guy. I’m going to make a 10-subject checklist with 10 simple adjectives that I will discuss thoroughly. Just think, if you stick to a list (not necessarily finding someone who has all 10, but even 6/10) you could eliminate the middleman, aka dating someone who doesn’t share the traits you look for. Okay, here we go (in no specific order) :

1. Spontaneity.  I need someone who never ceases to surprise me. I’m a person who gets bored with complacency and routine, I love to have some form of mystery everyday. I’m not saying that I get bored of people just the routine. For example, everyday at 3pm you hang out with your boyfriend, watch a movie, then leave. EVERY DAY. I would just get tired of it. They have to like exploring, I would love to be whisked away (at my own will of course) on a surprise beach or hiking trip. Even a surprise lunch date. I love more personal dates, like Redbox movies and a home dinner in PJs would be an ideal date, a walk through the park, a gym date, or a six flags date. I’m very laid back and take things as they come, I’m really open to anything that is thrown my way so whatever future Prince Charming throws my way I’ll be open for.

2. Caring and affectionate. No, I’m not talking sappy, 24/7 “You’re so beautiful” or “I love you” text, just every now and again it’s nice to hear people appreciate you. Especially a significant other. I’m not the person for PDA. Maybe it’s just because of the guys I’ve been within the past have made shy away from any form a public affection. I do like when a guy will surprise hug you from behind, makes me melt every time. BUT I’m not talking about affectionate in the physical aspect, I’m talking caring in the way that if I were to have a flat tire they would be there in a heartbeat, because I would do the same. Or someone who if they know I’m having a rough day will come console me and be there. That kind of caring.
3. Funny. I loooove a guy who can make me laugh and that we can joke around together. I would consider myself to be a funny/goofy person when need be, so someone who can make me laugh is a necessity. I’m not talking class clown, over the top, theatrical-hysterical guy, but I am talking about someone who is considered goofy and someone who is just a generally funny guy. A person who knows how to be serious and/or funny at the right times. Someone who can make me smile or chuckle when all I’m upset…yeah, you get the point there.
4. Respectable and have integrity. I’m kind of a daddy’s girl and my dad likes for the guy to be respectable and well-mannered. My dad can be old-fashioned in the sense that whenever being picked up for a date (usually not the first few dates because I’m not a big fan of the guy picking me up until I know them) the guy should walk to door, meet the father, and open the car door. Also, having integrity is really important to me. I need someone who behind the scenes does the right thing, and who always does the right thing. I am very morally strong, meaning I do whatever is right regardless of the penalties. If I felt so strongly that something was wrong and standing up for it meant that I could be in severe trouble I would still stand up.
5. Active. I like to stay active, both activity/schedule and physically. People often tell me how I’m so busy 24/7 and ask me how I do it. I work, go to school full time, in plenty of organizations, volunteer…etc. I just like staying busy, with that being said I do have lazy days when I don’t feel like working out or leaving the house so I need someone who will encourage to me to stay active. I need someone who likes to go to the gym and likes to be healthy. Except on Sundays because Sundays are my cheat/off days. 😉 but like I mentioned earlier I think gym dates are grrrreat, so I need someone who likes to go to the gym more than me so I’m pushed to work harder. I like staying healthy and active, so I need someone who is likeminded. 
6. Religious. I am religious and I need someone who is equally yoked to my beliefs. I go to church every Sunday, and a few bible studies every once and a while. Someone who is faithful in religion and someone who knows the word of God. Even though, I’m a very open-minded and accepting person so they need to be as well. Finding someone who shares the same beliefs as me may be hard but it is important to me that I do.
7. Family. I am VERY family oriented, I have 2 sisters, and four dogs (whom I consider my babies) and of course my two parents. I love spending time with them, and I need someone who will understand that sometimes I’d want to spend time with just my family. Also, my parents are a little strict in a way so I need someone who is understanding of that. I love being around families and it is also very important that they feel the same way on this. I was taught since birth that family comes first.
8. Determined and ambitious. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows what he wants in life and how he is going to get it; this correlates with intelligence. I love smart guys, whom I can have intelligent conversations with. He should have high goals and a determined heart. If he sets his goals, he will try his hardest to achieve them.
9. Friendly and likable. Someone who has a charismatic and is magnetic—a people’s person. I really do like it when I am out and about with someone and they stop and talk to old friends and strangers in normal conversation, I think it shows good and friendly character and I like that.
10. Cultural. I love love love trying different foods and I want to travel, so I need someone who embraces different cultures as I do. I’m the type of person who enjoys having someone who is completely opposite from me as my company, I can indulge in so many conversations with people who grew up differently than I did. I also love hearing about other religions and beliefs and politics, so I need someone who is open-minded to that.
-This isn’t an adjective, so I didn’t add it to my list but I neeeeed someone who loves dogs and kids. One, because I am obsessed with animals and dogs. Two, in the laaate future I really want a few kids and I just really like children.
Okay, let me say making a list of 10 things is actually A LOT harder than I thought it was going to be..this takes a lot of thought. Just think…if you have a list and you know what you’re looking for then looking becomes so much easier, yet finding someone may be little harder. BUT it will all be worth it when you find someone who has a lot of things you’re looking for.

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