Beauty | Moor Spa Oo la la!

I’m super happy to announce my collab with Moor Spa through my friends at CertClean (North America’s leading certification for safer skincare)! They are a smaller but mighty company. 🙂 Their ingredients are naturally derived, cruelty-free, andddd to make matters better they use organic mud from Austria. With all of that being said, their products are affordable despite the fantastic and effective quality they have.…

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Life | How to Make a Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Wooo! The wedding planning has commenced. One of the fun things about wedding planning is picking your wedding party and telling them <3 This is the biggest day of your life and you want to be surrounded by people who are important and special to you. I’ve always been a gift giver it’s one of the ways I show someone I appreciate them so I…

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Life | Wedding Invites, Save the Dates, + more

I haven’t made a post about this – but I’m engaged!! Whattttt?! I’m pretty proactive and like making lists because I tend to be forgetful so I went ahead and started shopping around online for things like flowers, invites, etc. If you remember, I worked with Basic Invite for our holiday invites and had a great experience.  Basic Invite’s website is super user-friendly, they have…

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Beauty & Health | 2020 CertClean Beauty Awards – Category Eye Shadow

Woohoo! My second year judging of hopefully many more – this one is a little launching a little later on my part. Many of you know, I live for supporting products that are high quality and clean. This is the 5th annual Clean Beauty Awards hosted by CertClean that celebrates high-quality and high-performance products, created with the healthiest ingredients, from around the world. Its goal…

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Recipe | Vegan “Beef” Stew

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Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Hey, I’m Alex Marie!

Welcome to my blog - I'm just a girl on her journey to happy, healthy and stylish living who hopes to inspire people along the way.

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Cert Clean Beauty Awards

Cert Clean Beauty Awards


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